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10 Ways an Outdoor Living Space Can Improve Your Health

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outdoor living spaceLooking for a reason to invest and indulge in an outdoor living space this year? It’s Harvard-recommended. Healthy for the mind and body, with none of the side effects of prescriptions, spending time outdoors is proven to support your physical and mental health.


Recommended by Harvard Medical School

Research from Harvard Medical School points to the significant health benefits of spending time outdoors, from grabbing a bite to eat or wrapping up the day’s work, to putting your feet up and relaxing. What’s so great about the great outdoors?

  1. Time Outside Boosts Vitamin D
    Essential to overall health, exposing your skin to the sunshine creates more bioavailable Vitamin D. More readily utilized by your body, such naturally-produced Vitamin D outshines synthetic substitutes in performance. And most Americans don’t get enough, motivating many doctors to write prescriptions for the ‘sunshine vitamin’ due to its impressive protective benefits against an array of serious illnesses, including cancer, stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis, depression, and more.
  2. Being Outside Makes You Happy
    A proven treatment for winter depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder), natural light elevates your mood, especially when combined with exercise. Just 5 minutes of ‘green exercise’ offers mood and self-esteem boosting benefits according to recent studies, helping inspire greater workout intensity and length.
  3. Spending Time Outdoors Reduces Stress
    Time spent outdoors helps the body better manage physical reactions to stress, reducing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing cortisol levels, the hormone used to identify a body under extreme stress.
  4. Escaping Outdoors Helps Fight Fatigue
    The amazing, inspiring sights of nature help stimulate the mind, helping you get back on track and recover from mental fatigue.
  5. Time Spent Outdoors Encourages Activity
    As opposed to the sedentary, indoor lifestyle common today, particularly in children, who spend, on average, more than 6 hours a day using electronic media, time outdoors is associated with activity. In fact, studies show kids are more than doubly-active when engaged outdoors.
  6. Spending Time in Nature Improves Concentration
    In studies, children with ADHD performed better on tests of concentration after exposure to nature. Walks in greenery-filled parks, versus urban settings, proved superior, likewise offering similar benefits in supporting the working memory of those suffering from depression.  
  7. ‘Nature Therapy’ Enhances Performance
    Performance on creative problem solving tests was enhanced in those who spent 4-days immersed in nature, providing a 50% improvement in cognitive function – without the side-effects of commonly used caffeine or performance-enhancing drugs.
  8. Green Environments Support a Healthy Mood
    Studies have identified spending time outdoors in green environments as an ideal supplement to treatments for anxiety, depression, and mental health issues, boosting self-esteem and mood. Studies also show these effects are magnified when combined with exercise, or in the presence of outdoor water features.
  9. Natural Light Exposure Promotes Healing
    Studies show views of nature improve patient recoveries post-surgery, with exposure to natural light reducing pain, post-op stress, and the need for medication. Studies also point to time in nature reducing the inflammatory processes seen with depression, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, and cancers, helping keep these diseases in-check.
  10. Spending Time Outdoors Supports Health
    A strong, positive correlation exists between exposure to green space and health. Studies show a wide variety of diseases are less prevalent in individuals living close to green spaces than those living in urban environments: The higher the residential green vegetation exposure, the lower the mortality rate, with those with the most exposure showing a 12% decrease.

Endorsed by Your Family

You’re not the only one yearning to spend time outdoors. You and your family need the benefits of unstructured time to take-in Mother Nature. Beautiful and functional, Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas deliver, helping you make the most of time outdoors, no matter the weather. With the touch of a button, you and your family can bask in the sun, stay cool and comfortable in the shade, or take-in the beauty of an afternoon rain shower while remaining dry, enjoying all the health-boosting benefits the outdoors year-round, in any weather. With motorized screens for improved comfort and protection from pests, integrated ceiling fans and infrared heaters, and an array of colors and features, the Arcadia makes for the ideal ‘feel-good’ family addition, blending seamlessly into your home and lifestyle.


Feeling the itch to spend more time outdoors? We’ve got the cure. Contact Amazing Pergolas and schedule your complimentary outdoor living space design consultation today.





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