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7 Tricks for a Seamless Outdoor Hot Tub Integration

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Yearning to incorporate a hot tub into your outdoor living space, but not sure how to add this 500+ gallon vessel of water without it sticking out like a sore thumb? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you camouflage your super soaker…


7 Tricks to Seamlessly Blend a Hot Tub Into Your Outdoor Living Space

  1. Upgrade to cover 2.0.
    outdoor hot tubInstead of the ugly, factory vinyl cover that typically comes with hot tubs, invest in a rolling spa cover. Unlike the waterlogged factory cover, you won’t have to wrestle with rolling models each time you take a dip. These custom-made covers easily slide out of the way, tucking out of sight. Adding a platform deck? Don’t forget to leave enough space for the cover to slide safely beneath.
  2. Keep it under wraps.
    Wrapping a wooden enclosure around your hot tub is a great way to mask its massive form. This can be easier than you think if you take advantage of existing walls and railings. Add functional steps for an easy entrance, or cover it completely with a warm wood or interesting stone accent wall.
  3. Go incognito.
    Custom hot tub applications offer ample opportunities for a devious disguise, such as this hot tub, cleverly masked as a feature wall blending into a terraced garden. The perfect camouflage for cleverly concealing your spa from patio or window views!
  4. Get creative.
    With the help of a skilled contractor and the right combination of materials and motors, you can create a hot tub cover that works double duty as sun deck or other patio feature.
  5. Put it in the spotlight
    Opt for a custom hot tub, designing it to do double duty, and placing it center stage in your outdoor living space design as a backyard water feature when it’s not in use.
  6. Cross the line.
    Unlike pools, which require an abundance of space surrounding the perimeter for safety and ease of access, the smaller footprint of a hot tub offers an ideal opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor focal point. Lining a lush selection of plants nearly up to the edge of your spa provides a lush, verdant outdoor retreat.
  7. Send it to its room.
    Creating a multi functional outdoor living space? Make sure your hot tub has its own room, away from dining and entertainment areas. By sectioning your yard off into rooms, you’ll not only better designate space, but allow for more privacy, especially when paired with the beauty and function of an adjustable aluminum pergola. Open things up and bask in the outdoors, or carefully angle the louvers of your custom pergola for shade and privacy at the touch of a remote control button, engaging integrated motorized screens and curtains on-demand to create a private outdoor retreat.


Sweating your upcoming outdoor living space addition? Amazing Pergolas has the tips and tricks you need to have you relaxing outdoors in no time. Contact us and discover how we can streamline your outdoor living space design today.




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