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7 Ways to Connect with Nature in Your Outdoor Living Space

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outdoor living spaceIt’s easy to get stuck in the nuts and bolts of outdoor living space design even though what you’re really yearning for is a more meaningful connection with nature. How can you look beyond the obvious to ensure a space that has a lasting impact on your life and your yard? These outdoor living design additions can help you foster a deeper connection to Mother Nature through your design…


Reconnect with Your Roots

Reconnect with your childhood through the incorporation of nostalgic greenery additions. Scent is a powerful memory trigger, making mom’s lavender and grandma’s roses a welcoming addition to your outdoor living space design. It is also a wonderful way to honor loved ones.

Unearth Treasure

Incorporate a treasured relic from a friend or family member, spiritual object, or vacation memento into your space, tucking it into a flower bed, at the base of a tree, or elevating it on a pedestal.

Slow Things Down

Slow the seemingly relentless pace of life with garden additions such as winding, curving paths, rough flagstone or stepping stone hardscaping trimmed in thyme, and a border of velvety lamb’s ears that inspire you to slow your trek and savor the moment.

Welcome Wildlife

Connect with the ecosystem, inviting insects and animals into your outdoor space with the addition of native plant species whose pollen, nectar and fruits serve as a food source. Nothing brings a garden to life and helps you connect with nature like nurturing wildlife.

Immerse Yourself

Immerse yourself in the soothing trickle of water, whether it’s a tiny, trickling tank or a large stone fountain. Water features not only offer a distraction from neighborhood and traffic noise, but provide an inviting respite for birds.


Seek refuge from family, neighbors, and inclement weather beneath your Arcadia louvered pergola addition. Escape from summer rain and heat, or bask in the sunshine in cooler weather, creating a private oasis with the addition of motorized screen and curtain additions for privacy and pest protection. Adjust louver settings, screens, and curtains on-demand via remote control or smartphone operation, creating the perfect spot to quietly relax and take in the outdoors.

Embrace Change

Incorporate foliage and flowers that evolve with the seasons, enticing you to your outdoor space with year-round visual interest. Create a changing backdrop with choices for every time of the year: Spring daffodils, summer hydrangeas, fall mums, and winter holly berries, enjoying each season beneath the sun or shelter of your Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola.

Go beyond cookie-cutter outdoor living additions. Create a space that is intimate and uniquely connected to the world around you with the help of Amazing Pergolas today.




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