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Define Looks & Enhance Function with Custom Pergola Accessories

At The Amazing Pergola in Austin, we don’t simply provide the most versatile patio shelter on the market, we help you dress it up with an array of pergola accessories designed to help you enhance the presence and performance of your outdoor living space.

How Will You Custom-Tailor Your Space to Suit Your Needs?

  • Single or Multi-Zone Design
    Freestanding or fastened to your building, meet your design and occupancy needs with your choice of single or multi-zone systems.
  • Wide Color Choice
    Meet your design or branding needs with pergolas available in standard white, adobe, and bronze, or choose from an array of custom colors.
  • Exterior Accents
    From the modern to the rustic, The Amazing Pergola offers choices to allow for the seamless blend of your pergola into any outdoor space…
    • Custom, faux-wood wrapped beams.
    • Decorative or structural columns in aluminum, fiberglass, wood, or stone finish.
    • Corbel, scalloped, beveled or mitered ends in aluminum, fiberglass or wood finish.
  • Motorized Curtains & Screens

    Improve shade protection, exclude pests, and protect privacy with our wide assortment of motorized screen and curtain selections.

  • Recessed Lighting
    From ambiance to task lighting, ensure extended use of your pergola well into the evening hours with the addition of recessed LED lighting.
  • Outdoor Fans & Heaters
    Provide a comfortable outdoor environment year-round with the addition of optional support beams for outdoor fans and radiant patio heating solutions.
  • Operating System
    Choose from electric or solar-powered operating systems with remote control, hand-crank manual designs, or adjust your pergola with the latest in app-driven smartphone technology, incorporating optional weather sensors for the ultimate in convenience.

Looking for a little more out of your outdoor living space? If you can dream it, we can help you design it. Contact an The Amazing Pergola design professional and uncover new ways to dress up your outdoor space with a customized adjustable louvered pergola today.




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