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Achieve a Relaxing, Functional Outdoor Living Space with these 8 Pergola Tips


outdoor living spaceA relaxing, comfortable, and well put together outdoor living space does not revolve around a bargain store patio furniture impulse buy. A functional, beautiful outdoor living space requires careful planning to ensure a useful, inviting design.



What’s the Formula for an Outstanding Outdoor Living Space Design?

Answering these questions before purchasing patio items will help you ensure a successful outcome:

  1. How Much Space Do You Have to Work With?
    This will depend on your property’s unique footprint, zoning, and HOA limitations.
  2. What’s the Purpose of Your Outdoor Living Area?
    How will you and your family gain the most enjoyment from your space? With the addition of a relaxing retreat, a comfortable outdoor kitchen and dining space, or outdoor game room? The necessary features (and space required to house them) will depend largely on this decision.
  3. Where Would You Like to Put Your Outdoor Space?
    The typical locale, just outside the back door? An off-the-beaten-path, secluded area of your yard for quiet and privacy? Or perhaps broken up into several small patio ‘rooms’ throughout your yard, connected together with landscaping or hardscaping, incorporating a pavilion as an outdoor focal point. Consider the influence of natural elements that can add to ambiance, such as lakeside views, as well as those that could detract, such as the proximity to neighbors, prevailing winds, and sun orientation.  
  4. Will Your Chosen Location be Easy to Access/Navigate?
    The ideal location for your outdoor living space should allow for easy movement into/out of your home. Safe, convenient access to water and power will also be key to successful design. Likewise essential is good zoning of space, and the proper location and installation of amenities (grills, seating, water/fire features, etc.), including adequate space to allow for safe movement and comfortable use of key features.  
  5. How Will You Ensure Comfort in Inclement Weather?
    To maximize use of your outdoor living space year-round in any weather, flexible shelter is key. Unlike fixed-roof shelters, Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas let you make the most of every season, with 170-degree pivoting flexibility and easy, push-button remote or iLouver app operation, quickly sealing out the rain, opening up to let you revel in the sun’s warmth, or allowing you to dial-in the perfect amount of shade
  6. Do You Prefer a Pergola Style that Blends-in or Stands-Out?
    Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas are available in a wide array of custom colors and finishes, including faux wood wrap, with unique trim offerings like corbel ends and architectural columns perfect for helping you achieve your dream outdoor living design.
  7. Do You Need Privacy or Pest Protection?
    Creating an intimate outdoor environment and defining your space, the Arcadia allows for the easy integration of motorized privacy curtain and screens, perfect for reducing noise and providing privacy, as well as offering protection from pests. For additional noise reduction and privacy, you may also wish to consider the addition of strategically placed fencing, a decorative stone or living wall, and tall landscaping plants.
  8. How Would You Like to Deck Out Your Space?
    Can you take advantage of a natural view? If your space is barren, will you add greenery with a living wall or vertical garden? Imbue a beachside feel with lush, tropical plants and a water feature? Or create a cozy, relaxing retreat with cushy, oversize furnishings?


The professionals at Amazing Pergolas have the skills you need to bring even the most inventive outdoor living ideas to life. Make your dream a reality, ensuring an outdoor living investment that will last for years to come. Contact Amazing Pergolas today.





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