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Amazing Pergola’s Arcadia Louvered Roof System

The Arcadia Pivot is the original Arcadia solution that conquers the elements. Louvers that are water-tight when closed also rotate 170 degrees to allow indirect sunlight as desired. Integral gutters control drainage to protect your home.

The Ultimate in Advanced Pergola Tech

Concerned about the trade-off of losing sky views for the protection of a pergola or deck awning? With the Arcadia louvered pergola system, you won’t have to compromise. The latest addition to Amazing Pergola, the ‘Arcadia Slide,’ has your covered – or uncovered.

Working similar to a sun roof on a sports or luxury car, the ingenious design of the Arcadia Slide provides shelter when you need it, later opening wide to reveal unobstructed sky views on those gorgeous days and nights you don’t want to miss.

Possibilities You’ve Never Imagined

You can now enjoy the best of both worlds, safely protected from the rain or sun, or basking under the wide, cloudless sky. Open louvers and engage your ‘Slide,’ taking in the wide, sweeping views of Austin weather unencumbered. Built to withstand hurricane-force winds, this easily maintained shelter offers far more than meets-the-eye:

  • Wide Variety of Design Options
    Freestanding or fastened, single or multi-zone, standard or custom colors, including faux wood wraps, architectural columns and corbel ends… Finding the ideal match for your home has never been so easy.
  • Recessed Lighting
    No more stumbling in the dark or squinting under the glare of porch lights. From soothing ambient light to well-positioned task lighting, we’ve got you covered.
  • Creature Comforts
    Including motorized screens for optimal weather and pest control, outdoor curtains for privacy, and overhead fan and patio heating solutions.
  • Operational Flexibility
    Choose from manual adjustment, remote control or go high-tech with cutting edge smart-device-driven operation and optional weather-sensing technology. Convenience and comfort, wrapped in a stunning package.

Open Up to Better Views

Maximize comfort and take full advantage of your outdoor space, fully achieving the potential of your outdoor space with the flexibility of design you never before dreamed possible. Uncover the benefits of adjustable louvered pergola technology.

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