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Tight Space? Scenery Scarce? Add Gorgeous Greenery with a Vertical Garden


Is your outdoor space covered in concrete, or tiny as a postage stamp? Don’t underestimate its potential. With vertical gardening, even a small, sterile space can be transformed into lush, green outdoor living escape.    

Celebrate Eat Outside Day with the Addition of an Outdoor Living Space

Residential Pergolas

Tired of staring at the walls of your home or office? Get out in the fresh air and unwind while enjoying a tasty treat this Friday, August 31st, 2018 for National Eat Outside Day. More than a refreshing change of scenery, taking yourself outdoors where the sun is shining and birds are singing delivers known […]

Goodbye Corner Office, Hello Outdoor Workspace

Commercial Pergolas

Today’s employers are enticing workers from cramped and cluttered office cubicles to the fresh air of green, open outdoor settings. Why is office real estate migrating? By emphasizing the human psyche’s need for more motivational surroundings than an uninspiring bleak, carpeted cubicle wall, the move is serving as a major selling point for top performers, […]

Refresh Yourself with an Outdoor Bath or Shower

Patio Ideas

From cooking and dining to the latest in green office spaces, Americans are embracing the outdoors. And the latest addition to the outdoor living family? Outdoor baths and showers.  

What Size Pergola Do I Need?

Residential Pergolas

  At Amazing Pergolas, our customer service professionals increasingly encounter customers pondering, “What size pergola do I need?” Accustomed to box store fare, most assume standard sizing in limited options. However, our Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola solutions are anything but cookie-cutter and come in custom sizing and designs to meet your specific shelter needs. How […]

8 Reasons Aluminum Pergolas are Far Different from Traditional Wooden Options


Those new to adjustable aluminum pergolas are often taken aback at how different they appear from conventional wooden pergola options. Looks are far from the only distinguishing factor of aluminum pergolas. These structures are worlds apart from their wooden predecessors…

8 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience in Your Restaurant

Commercial Pergolas

Today’s successful restaurant entrepreneurs understand the industry is changing. Gone is the chain-restaurant dine-and-dash. Modern restaurant clientele are looking for more out of their dining dollar: An authentic dining ‘experience.’

Rental Property? Gain a Competitive Advantage with an Outdoor Living Space

Residential Pergolas

Looking for ways to shorten your turnover time and boost monthly rental income? Incorporating an outdoor living space is an easy and inexpensive way to add extra square footage, adding to the value and curb appeal of your property.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden Space with a Pergola

Residential Pergolas

Is something missing from your outdoor living space? Like a functional and decorative living room sofa, a pergola provides an array of benefits, transforming your outdoor space…

Outdoor Living Trends for 2018 that Help You Feel At Home In the Outdoors


Adding usable square footage for very little out-of-pocket compared to traditional home additions, outdoor living is exploding in popularity, and alongside it, outdoor living trimmings. As home and business owners seek out creative ways to add flexible, usable space, outdoor living accouterments are moving beyond the standard porch rocker and plastic patio set, to encompass a whole […]

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