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Make the Most of Your Small Patio Space with these Pergola Tips


Tiny terrace? Battling with décor decisions when attempting to outfit a Lilliputian outdoor living space can leave you frustrated, especially in spaces where it is impossible to change patio size or layout. Rest assured, you are not alone, and this doesn’t have to stop you from realizing your dream outdoor living space. Even the most […]

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space

Residential Pergolas

Is your outdoor living space properly prepared for the warmer spring and summer weather? With a little tenacity, you can give your outdoor living space a sparkle to rival the coming weather.  

Open the Doors to a Wide World of Benefits with an Outdoor Office Space

Commercial Pergolas

  Are you making the most out of your office real estate? Many business owners and commercial office space developers mistakenly assume improving the landscape of their property adds only curb appeal. However converting unused outdoor space to an outdoor office or pavilion offers huge payoffs far beyond boosting resale value and functionality…

More Bang for Your Business Buck: Durability of the Aluminum Arcadia Louvered Pergola System


Beautiful and versatile, people love pergolas, and are enticed by their shelter and ambiance. Despite the draw, however, many can’t bear to care for them, desiring a dream structure with the need for zero-maintenance yet possessing the durability to last a lifetime. In a perfect world, everything would be low-maintenance and last forever. Though impossible […]

How to Boost Your Business with Spectacular Outdoor Event Space


  Nothing can outshine an expertly arranged event in the sublime beauty of Mother Nature. In the warmth of the sun, in the respite of the shade, or in the twilight, outdoor festivities are the ideal way to impress. For those considering an outdoor event space addition, investing in a top-notch outdoor facility can pay […]

Outdoor Office Space How-To Guide: 4-Tips to Creating the Ideal Outdoor Office Space

Residential Pergolas

Tired of whiling away your working hours in the cramped quarters of your home or office? You’re not alone. Home offices and corporate cubicles are undergoing a revolution, migrating outdoors to provide a healthier, happier, more productive work environment. How can you transform your underutilized outdoor space into such a space? The path to capitalizing […]

Office Renaissance: Outdoor Living Redefines the Home Office Love for Outdoor Living Leads to Home Office Renaissance

Residential Pergolas

The traditional work environment is evolving. Ideas surrounding the ideal workspace are changing, coming full-circle to return to their outdoor roots, yet in a far different way than our farming ancestors. Leaving claustrophobic cubbies and 4-walled monotony in the rearview, from large corporations to telecommuting contractors, office spaces are opening the door to new possibilities. […]

Why Al Fresco Restaurants are Always Full

Commercial Pergolas

Today’s outdoor dining scene pales in comparison to days passed. Gone are uncomfortable tables, worn awnings and flimsy patio umbrellas. Al fresco dining is now an entirely revamped outdoor experience, holding cutting-edge features and inviting fare that’s drawing customers in for more… 

Are You Making these Top Outdoor Living Space Design Mistakes?

Residential Pergolas

Rushing through outdoor living space design? Hold your horses, or you could be the victim of unwanted consequences. For a pretty patio you’ll enjoy for years to come, slow down and make sure you’re not committing these common patio design mistakes…  

Creating a Profitable Patio with a Pergola

Commercial Pergolas

After a colder than usual winter, Austin residents are welcoming warmer spring and summer weather with open arms. Is your business missing out on a grand opportunity to accommodate them? With an easily installed outdoor dining space or patio bar addition, you could be reeling in the customers and racking up profits from patrons eager to enjoy quality time […]

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