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The Why & How of Office Workspace Additions

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Draining artificial lighting. Confining cubicles. Bleak surroundings. Constant coworker interruptions. It probably comes as no surprise, 76% of workers report being more productive outside the typical office environment. When office morale and productivity is lacking, it’s time to think outside the box, helping workers check-off their to-do list in a sunny, open, Wi-Fi enabled workspace. […]

Goodbye Corner Office, Hello Outdoor Workspace

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Today’s employers are enticing workers from cramped and cluttered office cubicles to the fresh air of green, open outdoor settings. Why is office real estate migrating? By emphasizing the human psyche’s need for more motivational surroundings than an uninspiring bleak, carpeted cubicle wall, the move is serving as a major selling point for top performers, […]

8 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience in Your Restaurant

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Today’s successful restaurant entrepreneurs understand the industry is changing. Gone is the chain-restaurant dine-and-dash. Modern restaurant clientele are looking for more out of their dining dollar: An authentic dining ‘experience.’

Open the Doors to a Wide World of Benefits with an Outdoor Office Space

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  Are you making the most out of your office real estate? Many business owners and commercial office space developers mistakenly assume improving the landscape of their property adds only curb appeal. However converting unused outdoor space to an outdoor office or pavilion offers huge payoffs far beyond boosting resale value and functionality…

Why Al Fresco Restaurants are Always Full

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Today’s outdoor dining scene pales in comparison to days passed. Gone are uncomfortable tables, worn awnings and flimsy patio umbrellas. Al fresco dining is now an entirely revamped outdoor experience, holding cutting-edge features and inviting fare that’s drawing customers in for more… 

Creating a Profitable Patio with a Pergola

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After a colder than usual winter, Austin residents are welcoming warmer spring and summer weather with open arms. Is your business missing out on a grand opportunity to accommodate them? With an easily installed outdoor dining space or patio bar addition, you could be reeling in the customers and racking up profits from patrons eager to enjoy quality time […]




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