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Commercial Pergolas

Commercial Pergolas Designed for Warm Austin Weather

Austin heat and humidity wearing on patrons? Losing customers to a lack of space? Commercial pergolas offer an ideal shelter solution, from wait-listed clientele, to flexible, functional square footage.

More than Simple Shelter

Serving an array of businesses and industries, Amazing Pergola’s adjustable aluminum pergolas offer benefits competing products simply cannot:

  • Flexible Shelter
    Providing 170-degrees of rotational flexibility, the adjustable louvered pergolas offer versatile, on-demand relief from scorching sun, rain and wind, while still maintaining the ability to access nighttime skies and the winter sun’s warmth off-season.
  • Reliable Protection
    Sturdy enough to withstand hurricane force winds, the system’s built-in gutter system offers drip-free precipitation protection, disposing of rainwater conveniently where needed to prevent flooding.
  • Reduced Energy Costs
    The fully-extruded aluminum construction of our adjustable louvered pergolas, topped with Akzo Nobel powder coating, is specially designed to reflect solar radiation, reducing heat gain not only outdoors, but indoors as well when louvers are utilized for improved control of passive solar.
  • Carefree Operation
    Choose from manual crank, electric or solar powered remote control operation, or easily programmed smart operation via phone or mobile device. Add optional weather sensor technology to ‘set it and forget it.’
  • Ease-of-Maintenance
    With none of the constant upkeep of stationary wooden structures, or the constant up-and-down attention of patio umbrellas and awnings, our fully-extruded aluminum pergolas are built-to-last and simply cared for with the occasional soap-and-water wash.

Customizable Solutions

Find your path to the perfect pergola plans for your business, choosing from…

  • Freestanding or Fastened Models
    Our lightweight, durable pergolas can even be installed balcony-side, rooftop, or within existing enclosures.
  • A Variety of Sizes
    From single to multi-zone systems designed to meet any occupancy level.
  • Complementary Décor
    Including faux-wood wrap and accent pieces, architectural columns, and decorative trim such as corbel, scalloped, measured and mitered ends.
  • Weather Protection
    Boost sun protection and kick pests to the curb with motorized screens.
  • Comfort
    Add beams for the easy addition of ceiling fans or patio heaters, ensuring customer comfort.
  • Privacy & Space Definition
    Create a private setting, reduce noise or define spaces with outdoor curtains.

What Types of Businesses are Enjoying the Advantages of Adjustable Pergolas?

  • Restaurants
  • Sports Bars
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Condo & Community Pools
  • Recreation Centers
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Golf Clubs
  • Gun Ranges

Tired of losing revenue to overheated, irritated customers? Boost your usable square footage alongside your profits with happy, protected patrons. Extend your productive hours for the day – or for the season. Open up to a new future with the help of Amazing Pergola today.




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