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The Canopy Effect of a Pergola: Increased Revenue

Commercial Pergolas: The Canopy Effect & Your Business

Like ripples across the water, the canopy effect has the potential to set-off an amazing chain of events in your business. A comfortable, enticing, canopy-covered patio provides the means to boost available functional space, extend hours, and safeguard profitability no matter the season or weather.

Transform Unused Space, Boost Capacity & Add Revenue

Add square footage to your venue without the need for an inconvenient and costly remodel with the louvered canopy of a pergola. Shelter customers and staff from sun and rain, adding value and beauty to your outdoor space with reliable, inviting shelter. Unlike uncovered decks, the limited protection of patio umbrellas and flimsy awnings, beneath the canopy of an adjustable aluminum pergola you can…

  • Create an inviting ambiance that draws customers in, and keeps them there in comfort, no matter the weather.
  • Protect patrons from the elements, with not only dependable shelter from sun, but also drip-free rain protection.
  • Extend the season, with earlier start times and later closing times in the fall, winter and spring.
  • Boost staff productivity with a functional work environment that is easy to maintain.
  • Create word-of-mouth buzz with an amazing space customers and colleagues enjoy.

The Charm of the Outdoors, the Convenience & Function of the Indoors

Use the Arcadia Pivot to adjust your way to customer and staff comfort, allowing just the right amount of sun, shade, and shelter. Or leverage the Arcadia Slide into spectacular views, with it’s sunroof-style opening roof. Freestanding or attached to your structure, Amazing Pergolas can be customized for seamless integration and improved functionality with…

  • Custom colors, finishes and trims
    From standard white, bronze and adobe to custom colors, faux-wood wraps, architectural columns and specialty trim such as corbel ends for seamless integration into your location’s design.
  • Integration with Fire Alarms-NO NEED FOR FIRE SPRINKLERS!
    The louvers of the Amazing Pergola can be programmed to open when the fire alarm sounds. In most jurisdictions, this feature eliminates the need to install fire sprinklers. The associated cost savings often pay for the entire Amazing Pergola installation cost.
  • Single or multi-zone systems
    That can be operated in-tandem or independently.
  • Motorized screens and curtains
    For privacy, wind, rain and pest protection.
  • Ease-of-operation
    Choose from low-tech, manually-controlled operation to electric or solar powered remote control, and even app-driven ‘smart’ operation with optional weather sensing technology, so your staff never has to worry about adjustment as the weather changes.

Are you using your outdoor space to its fullest potential? See how the canopy of an adjustable pergola can affect your business. Maximize your space and your profits with the flexible protection of Amazing Pergola today.




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