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Professional Pergola Design

Get the Picture with Professional Pergola Design

Because we understand how difficult it can be to visualize your underused outdoor space as a repurposed, stimulating and functional part of your commercial establishment, Amazing Pergola provides professional pergola design services for our Arcadia products. This can help you better see your space’s potential, and help you meet customer and staff needs. How does this process work?

Getting to Know Your Outdoor Needs

For effective design, we must first get to know your business and its goals. Whether it’s a simple break area, fully-wired outdoor office space, flexible pavilion space for parties, or comfortable restaurant patio seating, your setting will be custom designed. Outdoor spaces can be as varied as each establishment, and we will help you consider and manage details, from keeping staff operating efficiently, to enticing customers and word-of-mouth buzz. Amazing Pergola’s overriding goal is to design an outdoor area that is comfortable and protected from the elements year-round, so you can count on its consistent contribution to productivity and revenue.

Tailoring to Suit

Once we have helped you define your outdoor goals and refine your ideas, it’s time to consider products and accessories that will help you achieve your design. While all Amazing Pergola’s outdoor shelters pivot to allow just the right amount of sun, shade, and breeze, and provide full cover from precipitation, your business may have additional outdoor objectives, such as…

  • Upholding brand image.
    We’ll help you realize your architectural or corporate style with custom colors, wood wraps, and specialty trim, ensuring a seamless integration.
  • Adding that ‘wow’ factor.
    Looking for a little added punch? The Arcadia Slide delivers, with sunroof-style movement to provide unencumbered sky views.
  • Pest concerns.
    Keep flies from food and mosquitos from munching on night patrons with the convenience of motorized screens.
  • Privacy or space defining needs.
    Retractable curtains offer access to the outdoors when you want it, and privacy when you need it for meetings or private parties. Multi-zone systems offer opportunities to segment space.
  • Creature comforts.
    Add lighting, ceiling fans, misters or implement ways to heat and cool your space for the ultimate comfort of guests.
  • Control issues.
    As in remote control. Amazing Pergola offers both solar and electric remote control pergola operation, app-driven, programmable smart device operation, and even optional weather sensing technology.

Ready to see your grand outdoor design up in lights? We’re here to help. Contact Amazing Pergola and schedule your professional design consultation today.




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