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Create a Staycation Worthy Backyard


You put a lot of work into your backyard – but is it offering you any benefits? Create a backyard that pays you back in staycation benefits, creating the ideal setting for fun and relaxation in your downtime…

Feast Al Fresco

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Indulge in the finest cuisine, whether your idea of that is takeout, delivery, or an adventurous home-cooked recipe, enjoying it in the ambiance of your outdoor dining space. Eat locally, incorporating your own foodie flair in the form of a perennial herb garden and edible vegetation.

Beat Bobby Flay

Instead of assembling dinner in a cramped hotel kitchenette, host an unforgettable meal of local meats and organically grown vegetables, preparing them to perfection in your outdoor kitchen complete with grill, stovetop burners, wood-fired pizza oven, mini-fridge, sink, and fully-stocked bar.

Sink Into a Siesta

Take a snooze in the comfort of your own backyard (not a cramped airplane seat), or indulge in a regular Saturday siesta. Kick back on a hammock, sink into the cushiness and comfort a large sectional, or go for the gold with the addition of an outdoor daybed, surrounding your outdoor living space in low-maintenance plants and hardscaping to reduce maintenance (and ensure leisure).

Indulge Your Inner Child

Grownups want to have fun too. Give your inner child a treat in the form of foosball, a ping-pong or pool table, cornhole game, giant chess, checkers, or Jenga, crafting a family-friendly recreation zone perfect for weekend (and weeknight) getaways.

Party by the Pool

Construct a cabana next to your pool reminiscent of those at your favorite beachside getaway – sans the rental fee and masses of tourists – and enjoy a quiet, relaxing vacation in the comfort of your own yard. Outfit your cabana with cushy furnishings such as luxurious lounges or a pillow-filled outdoor daybed, creating a space that’s more than a step-up from uncomfortable and hard tourist trappings.

Relax Fireside

Nothing outshines the ambiance of a fire feature. Decorative and functional, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit offers the perfect setting to cozy up with a book or beverage, roast marshmallows or hot dogs, and unwind next to the enticing warmth a fire. From small, convenient gas models, to large, masonry wood-burning fireplaces, there’s a fabulous fire feature out there for every setting and budget.

Skip the Weather Insurance

An Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola ensures a staycation that will survive any weather, sealing out rain, allowing you to dial in just the perfect amount of shade or sun, and providing fast access to cross ventilation with a quick, simple adjustment. Easily fine-tune the features of your pergola via remote control, iLouver smart-device-driven operation, or added rain or wind sensors. Customize your pergola with motorized screens or curtains for improved privacy, sun, and pest protection, adding lighting, fans, and other stylish and functional options, creating the ultimate, feature-packed vacation venue.

Arrive at your dream destination with the addition of a staycation worthy outdoor living space. Create an enjoyable, relaxing backyard with the help of Amazing Pergolas today.






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