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Most Popular Patio Features in 2017

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What patio features were hottest in the Austin outdoor living market for 2017? Build up excitement and enjoyment, building a dream outdoor space the neighbors will envy with these popular features…  


Everyone’s Burning for Backyard Bars

Backyard bars and bar sheds were among the top patio features nationwide for 2017. Forget $10 beers and an Uber home, winning outdoor bar design provides a safe, comfortable and festive place to indulge in dinner and a drink with family and friends.  


Water Features Provide Sizzling Solutions for Problem Spaces

Homeowners are increasingly turning to water features for their calming influence. An ideal addition in ‘wasted space,’ or as a feature in awkward areas, from small fountains to large ponds, no matter how water features are integrated into an outdoor living space, they always create a beautiful, inviting focal point. 



Outdoor Kitchens Fire-Up the Dining Experience

Outdoor kitchens top the ‘want list’ of many homeowners, and for good reason. Going far beyond the tabletop hibachis of yesterday, today’s outdoor kitchen and dining areas have taken things up a notch, with stone countertops and cabinets, built-in sinks, refrigerators, and high-tech grilling islands reminiscent of their indoor counterparts.  


Fire Pits Add a Bit of Spice

While fire pits in Austin aren’t as much of a necessity as they are for year-round outdoor festivities in northern states, area homeowners nonetheless flock to their ambiance on the rare, crisp winter’s night.  Gas options offer quick convenience, minimal care, and ease-of-use, with portable models leading in popularity across River City.  


Bluestone is so Cool it’s Hot

Homeowners nationwide are falling for the calming, cool hues of bluestone. Quarried in the U.S., bluestone offers a locally sourced, durable, and easy-care patio flooring and landscape solution. Available in rectangular and flagstone styles, this natural stone is compatible with both modern and rustic styles, its blue-grey tones pairing will with hydrangea and plumbago. 


Pergolas Add a Sultry Shelter Solution

Patio cover is no longer a nicety, it’s a must-have for a functional outdoor living area, leading the vast majority of backyard renovations to incorporate pergolas as a shelter solution. Because versatile shelter is key to extending time outdoors from day-to-day and season-to-season, those looking to make the most of their outdoor project have turned to high-tech louvered roof systems.   


Re-Invent Your Idea of Outdoor Living 

Open up to better views with the 170-degree rotational flexibility of Arcadia pergolas. Dial-in the perfect combination of sun and shade, without sacrificing precipitation protection. Leak-free design and built-in gutter system enable outdoor enjoyment in any weather. Durable and low-maintenance, the powder-coated, heat-reflective surface of adjustable aluminum pergolas requires only the occasional soap and water wash, and is sturdy enough to withstand hurricane-force winds.   


Don’t stay stuck on the flimsy, umbrella-topped patio sets of yesteryear. The future is here. Realize the maximum potential of your yard, creating an outdoor living space beyond your wildest dreams with the help of Amazing Pergolas today.  





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