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Residential Pergolas

Residential Pergolas Designed to Enhance the Outdoor Experience

Having a tough time dragging your family away from the screen to enjoy the outdoors? Create a comfortable, flexible outdoor space they can’t resist with an adjustable louvered roof. Add usable square footage, taking advantage of all the outdoors has to offer no matter the weather. Enjoy the sun or provide instant shade and shelter with the simple touch of a button with the latest in residential pergola technology from Amazing Pergola. Best of all, these features come at a price comparable to that of a permanent, fixed roof!

Create a Dream Outdoor Space Your Family & Friends Can’t Resist

Open-up and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer with the latest in cutting-edge adjustable aluminum pergola technology. A far cry from inflexible fixed-roof wooden shelters and the limited protection of flimsy awnings, Amazing Pergola put 170-degrees of adjustment at your fingertips, offering a host of comfort settings…

  • Stay Sun-Safe
    Dial-in the perfect amount of shade, ensuring comfort no matter the sun’s position, quickly making adjustments manually, by remote, or smartphone.
  • Repel Rain
    Interlocking louvers fit together tightly, providing leak-free rain protection and sweeping water away through a built-in gutter system.
  • Kiss Windy Weather Worries Good-Bye
    With a system designed to withstand even hurricane force winds.

An Answer for Every Outdoor Living Need:

    • Complement Your Outdoor Space
      With a freestanding (or attached) pergola located patio or deck-side, in the courtyard, next to your pool or spa, or above your outdoor kitchen or bar. Lightweight yet durable, adjustable aluminum pergolas are easily added to existing enclosures such as screen rooms, balconies, and rooftops.
    • Accent Architecture
      With custom colors, faux-wood wrap, decorative columns and corbel ends to suit your style and blend seamlessly into your home’s architecture.
    • Customize Your Space for Your Ultimate Enjoyment with…
      1. Motorized screens & outdoor curtains
      2. LED accent lighting
      3. Fan beams
      4. Patio heaters
    • Ensure Operation’s a Breeze
      Choosing electric or solar-powered design with manual, remote control, or smart device driven iLouver app adjustment, adding optional sensor technology for self-driven, weather-responsive operation.

One of the Top Features Requested by Home Owners & Home Buyers

Outdoor living spaces appeal to the masses, yielding a positive return-on-investment from time spent with family and friends to the resale value of your home.

Home Owner’s Association Woes?

With the help of Amazing Pergola, you can put your home owner’s association worries behind you with the help of custom pergola plans designed to meet HOA requirements and ensure approval. We’ll even provide renderings to help you smooth the HOA approval process on request.

Achieve everything you’ve ever wanted in an outdoor living space, and more than you could have imagined. Get a clearer picture of how we can transform your outdoor space and help you make the most out of the outdoors. Open up to new possibilities with the help of Amazing Pergola today.




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