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Outdoor Kitchen Shade

Outdoor Kitchen Shading Delivers Just Deserts

Create a cool, inviting outdoor kitchen area with all the comforts of the indoors with the addition of an adjustable outdoor kitchen shade. Block the added heat of the summer sun, protect your picnic from the rain, open up to cook in the glow of a warm fall morning, or prepare a late-evening meal under the stars with the latest in state-of-the-art outdoor shelter technology.

What’s On the Menu When You Include an Adjustable Pergola in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

There are a number of reasons outdoor living space design professionals strongly recommend shelter above outdoor kitchens…

A Side of Shade
shade for an outdoor kitchenGrill in the sun or shade – or anything in-between – with 170-degrees of rotational flexibility, enjoying the feel of al fresco cooking and dining while being protected from the elements.
No Watery Flavors
Grill outdoors in any weather, even the rain. Tight-fitting louvers and built-in gutters ensure leak-free precipitation protection.
outdoor kitchen shadeNo Smoking
Open the louvers slightly, preventing heat buildup from grilling, and allowing smoke and odors to escape. Ingeniously designed, the Arcadia is capable of providing ventilation even while offering protection from the rain.
Cooking Light
Integrated task lighting simplifies outdoor cooking, allowing for safe prep and making it easier to see when food is properly cooked.
Working the Bugs Out
Prevent the invasion of pests with motorized screens, or integrate privacy curtains for added protection from nosy onlookers, keeping outdoor gatherings private.
All Frills, No Spills
Enjoy seating areas at the kitchen in any weather, without falling victim to scorching hot seats or mopping up surfaces after rain showers to cook/dine. Flexible shelter protects stone countertops and furniture from weather-related wear-and-tear, safeguarding the longevity of your investment.
A Colorful Spread
Choose from standard white, adobe, and bronze, or custom colors and wood-wraps.
cutom shade for an outdoor kitchenTasty Trimmings
Accent your décor with exterior accents such as architectural columns, corbel ends, or faux-wood wrapped beams.
Precise Temperature Control
Add fans for added comfort, adjusting your pergola and motorized accessories quickly and easily via remote control or smart-device-driven operation, integrating our exclusive weather sensing technology for on-demand comfort.

Create an intimate outdoor kitchen and entertainment space that is functional and enjoyable no matter the weather. Contact Amazing Pergola today.




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