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Patio Shade

The Most Flexible Patio Shade on the Market

Extend your outdoor comfort zone with style with Amazing Pergola patio shades. Enjoy barefoot, casual summer nights and cozy winter evenings by the fire with our versatile, one-of-a-kind pergola designs, getting the most from your outdoor living space year-round.

Patio shade in Austin Texas

Unparalleled Advantages

Everyday patio cover solutions pale in comparison to versatility of Amazing Pergola’s adjustable aluminum patio shelters. Trade your patio chores for enjoying the outdoors: With none of the annual maintenance necessary for traditional fixed-roof wooden shelters, or the limited coverage, temperamental components, and easily ruined fabric of retractable awnings, our easy-care adjustable aluminum pergolas offer years of sleek looks and nearly maintenance-free performance.

Nearly Limitless Customization Opportunities

Our adjustable louvered pergolas can cater to your every patio design and shelter need:

Austin Pergola Patio Shade

    • Quickly adapt to the weather.
      Dialing-in your comfort level, choosing from a full 170° range of motion. Bask in the winter sun, seek summer relief in the shade, or full protection from rain, wind, or snow.
    • Enjoy an unencumbered view
      Fully opening louvers to reveal the night sky, or sliding open your pergola with the addition of the Arcadia Slide, which works similar to a car’s sunroof to reveal an unfettered sky view.
    • Operate from your lounge…
      Via remote control, or take advantage of iLouver smartphone operation, programming settings to meet your needs. Want your pergola to do the planning for you? Integrate optional sensors for intuitive, weather-driven response.
    • Perfectly accentuate your patio space
      Blending in to architecture with custom color options, faux wood wrap, columns and custom trim. Choose from single or multi-zone systems, freestanding or attached to your home’s structure.


  • Personalize your patio
    Adding features your family will most enjoy…

    1. Motorized screens for pest protection.
    2. Curtains for privacy.
    3. LED lighting for activities.
    4. Fans and outdoor heaters for comfort.

Tired of being stuck on the couch? Maximize your space and enhance your lifestyle, creating your dream outdoor living space with the latest in adjustable patio cover technology. Contact Amazing Pergola to learn more today.




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